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Powerful Headphone Amplifier Using OPA134

powerful headphone amplifier using OPA134. In addition to the IC OPA134, the circuit uses only few passive components and can easily generate a lot of sound from even the most inefficient headphones and there will be no compromise for the quality. OPA134 is low noise, low distortion operational amplifier from BURR-BROWN semiconductors and it is […]

Electronics Schematic Diagram alarm Door Bell circuit using IC UM 66 part 1

This is a slight modification of that circuit. In the previous circuit you have to keep the switch pressed for making the IC play the full music. Here if once the push button is pressed C1 is charged and the transistor Q2 will keep the IC playing the music till it ends. The time for […]

Electronic circuit diagram audio amplifier AN7124 3w

Electronic circuit diagram audio amplifier AN7124 3w

Computer Monitor Repair

Computer Monitor Repair LA7830 for Computer Monitor Repair and Color TV Vertical Deflection Output Circuit diagram Color TV and Monitor Vertical Deflection Output Circuit using LA7830

Audio test oscillator circuit

Audio test oscillator circuit using CD4584, 74c14

Driver LED circuit for Indicator

Driver LED circuit for Indicator using NE555, 4027, 1N4148

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