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circuit breaker tutorial

heavenseyes98 asked: Friends RCA Tv Problem…? Ok, first of all I’m a huge tinker person. So far everything big or small appliances (mostly computers, microwaves, washers, dryers) that quit working, I tinker with and I get them running again. I’ve only tried fixing one TV but it had something wrong with the diode and I […]

Is it possible to create an “all-penetrating EYEBEAM”?

SorrY asked: just by looking at an object and querying a database it produces a list of attributes of that object in your “inside window” of the eye – that is an artificial eye transplant that associates existing attributes with defined custom attributes that you can add and delete over time – for example if […]

STK457 Power Amplifier Circuit

STK457 Power Amplifier Circuit STK457 Power Amplifier Circuit STK457 Power Amplifier Circuit

Switch Network Diagram for Game

Switch Network Diagram for Game

EPROM burner card circuit diagram

EPROM progrogramer does NOT use any device to output a voltage to the PC printer port, only a current sink. All inputs from the printer port are buffered. In this way there is little or no possibility of damage to the printer port, even with most wiring error possibilties during construction. This EPROM burner will […]

1tr preamp mic schematic

1tr preamp mic schematic using c828 R1 …… 10K R2 …… 220K R3 …… 5K6 R4 …… 560K VR …… 10K C1 …… 100nF C2 …… 47uF Q ……. C828

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