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Good Site to find Circuit Board Schematics or Pin-Out diagrams for IC chips?

Seraph asked: Is there a place on line where you can go to find circuit board schematics for things, like a database or something. There have been many times when I take apart something, like a TV for example, and cant find where the power inputs go to replace a pulled out wire. I know […]

Schematic Diagram Sensors and LDR

Color sensor is an interesting project for hobbyists. The circuit can sense eight colors, i.e. blue, green and red (primary colors); magenta, yellow and cyan (secondary colors); and black and white. The circuit is based on the fundamentals of optics and digital electronics. The object whose color is required to be detected should be placed […]

audio electronic design

audio electronic design 0,5W Audio Power Amplifier circuit using KA2212 audio electronic design audio electronic design

Led torch circuit using max660

led torch using max660

4x55w Audio Circuit diagram using tda7560

Car Audio circuit using TDA7560

Power Supply Control

Power Supply Control using BC549, BC559, BD139

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