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Archives for July, 2021

3 way active crossover , 4 Way Crossover Schema

3 way active crossover , 4 Way Crossover Schema 4 way active crossover, Audio Trebel, Audio Midel, Audio Sub wofer, Audio Midel Bas    

2N3055 MJ2955 Schema and Layout for PA

2N3055  MJ2955 Schema and Layout for Audio

Bootstrap AUDIO circuit using transistor

Bootstrap AUDIO circuit AND LAYOUT Bootstrap driver Micro circuit using TIP3055 tip2955 TIP42 tip41 MJE340 What is bootstrapping circuit? Within an integrated circuit a bootstrap method is used to allow internal address and clock distribution lines to have an increased voltage swing. Tops bootstrap circuit uses a coupling capacitor, formed from the gate/source capacitance of […]

TV Circuit board diagram?

sanje1974 asked: How can i locate LG-21FA20 tv curcit board diagram

Digital volume control circuit

Digital volume control circuit DUAL ELECTRONIC VOLUME CONTROL The KA2250 is a CMOS designed for electronization of dual volumes. It is suitable for M/C, car stereos. FEATURES Wide supply voltage range: Vdd=6V~12V (Backup is possible up to 4V) Attenuation can be controlled from 0dB to -66dB by 2dB/step. Controlling attenuation by means of the built […]

How to Make 150W Power amp ?

How to Make 150W Power amp This power amp has a power output of 150 W (8 ohms) or 200 W (4 ohms) Voltage supply + / – 52v and 1.5 V input sensitivity If you want 150W Power Make perfect audio amps choose good quality components

HA13108 Schematic audio amplifier

HA13108 Schematic audio amplifier

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