10.000 watt wind turbine



Product Features:

  • High Availability: Constantly produces power from 5.6mph up to more than 95 mph
  • Performance: Highly efficient aerodynamic blades and system design guarantee superior performance.
  • Hybrid system: The charge controller can incorporate 10.000 watt wind and 250W solar power together to simultaneously charge the same bank of batteries
  • Load control: The controller has over-charge protection, short-circuit protection, and automatic dump-load function. These are highly efficient systems that will reliably produce maintenance free energy for over 15 years
  • Built in “ON/OFF Switch” for easy wind turbine operation

Product Description

Wherever you are, we have a powerful and inexpensive solution for your alternative energy requirements and production of wind energy. The PowerMax+ wind generator systems are designed for areas with an average wind of 15 mph or higher. Rated wind speed for this series is the 26th with an 8 mph wind speed survival 134e 2 mph. This means that systems can handle the heavier winds from the confines of Earth, wherever you may live