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wireless power tranfer system

Wireless Power Transfer

transfer electricity wirelessly schema

Wireless Power Transfer Kit


Wireless Power Transfer Kit

Trying electricity network without wires , finally succeeded , if developed can be useful , Because The electrical appliance in the house will not be put on the cable .
Recipients use ferrite / wire coiled email .
This radiation is Relatively harmless , totally different radiation types of nuclear radiation or X – ray radiation . The electric field and magnetic field has Existed since the earth was formed . Clouds containing water potential , there is the electric field magnitude between 3000-30000 V / m . Similarly , the earth naturally electricity ( 100-500 V / m ) and magnetic field ( 0.004 to 0.007 mT ) . Inside the home , at work , in the office or in the garage there is an electric field and a magnetic field of artificial . The electric field and magnetic field are usually derived from the installation and electrical equipment , among others , came from : the installation of the system in the house , refrigerator , air conditioning , fan , water pump , television , electronic type writers , photocopy machines , computers and printers , welding machines , compressors , water channel low voltage / medium ( SUTR / M ) are adjacent , and others . At system installation always have current- voltage and electric field Arising
exciter roomates I’ve posted before , I use a wire that email 0.3 mm wire 600 roll without ferrite , cm using pvc water pipe
Klo 12 vdc input , output can ampe 1 kV ac
max radius of 60 cm