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Wireless power transmission project kit

wireless power tranfer system Wireless Power Transfer   Wireless Power Transfer Kit Trying electricity network without wires , finally succeeded , if developed can be useful , Because The electrical appliance in the house will not be put on the cable . Recipients use ferrite / wire coiled email . This radiation is Relatively harmless […]

Reader circuit

Simple Magnetic stripe reader circuit using CVBC337, BD139 Simple Magnetic stripe reader circuit using CVBC337, BD139 R1 68K 1/4W Resistor C1 4n7 630V Ceramic or Polyester Capacitor C2 60-80pF 63V Ceramic Trimmer C3 100F 25V Electrolytic Capacitor Q1 BC337 45V 800mA NPN Transistor Q2 BD139 80V 1.5A NPN Transistor L1 500 turns on a 10mm. […]

Spice Circuit Simulation examples

Analog Circuit Analysis WinSpice3

200W Audio Amplifier Circuit

TV remote control blocker

TV remote control blocker using 555 ON electronic circuits diagrams

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