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Stereo Preamplifier with Bass-boost circuit diagram with IC TL062

Stereo Preamplifier with Bass-boost circuit diagram Parts: P1 100K P2 10K R1,R2 15K 1/4W R3,R4,R11,R12_100K 1/4W R5,R6 22K 1/4W R7,R8 390K 1/4W R9,R10 560R 1/4W R13 220R 1/4W C1,C2 330nF 63V C3,C8 100uF 25V C4,C5 10pF 63V C6,C7 4u7 63V IC1 TL062


This article is about another method I tried and had 100% success first time. The object is to modify an old plotter pen so that you can draw direct onto the PCB material itself. No photography, just a new pen. All you have to do is the use one of those Faber Castell S overhead […]

Digitouch Switcher Circuit Diagram

Automatic Switcher Circuit Diagram using 555, IRF540


WALKYE TALKIE Kristal circuit by ronica using 9014, 19013, 19011

Charge Balance converter circuit

AD7711 IC for Charge Balance converter circuit

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