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Stereo Power Amplifier

68W Power Amplifier schematic   68W Stereo Power Amplifier using TR A673, C828, C1213, D438, B560, TIP31 and TIP32


Circute Electronic Diagram at afiata.com

boss audio amplifier

900W boss audio amplifier circuit using TIP3055, BD140, BD139, BC546, BC556

Tone Control circuit diagrams using IC TL082

Tone Control circuit diagrams and using IC TL082 I’d like to ask for some good schematic for active tone control, for treble and bass (cca+-20dB) with loudness compensation, I have saw several designs, but all of these designs uses elements that I want to avoid.

Electronic circuit diagram audio amplifier AN7133 2w

Electronic circuit diagram audio amplifier AN7133 2w

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