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Posts tagged tube amp schematic symbols

tube amp diagram

tube amp diagram using EL84, ECC82

Circuit diagram FM OSCILLATOR WITH BLY87

Circuit diagram FM OSCILLATOR WITH BLY87 Component list of the FM Oscillator with the BF900 Resistors: R1 : 47k, 1/8 W R2 : 47k, 1/8 W R3 : 47k, 1/8 W R4 : 100E, 1/8 W R5 : 220k, 1/8 W R6 : 100k, 1/8 W R7 : 150E, 1/8 W R8 : 10k, lin. […]

Alternating on/Off Control circuit

Alternating on/Off Control – This circuit using 2N3904, PMV65XP

Electronic circuit LM8365

Electronic circuit LM8365

Midi Interface

Midi Interface audio circuit mixer

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