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Posts tagged tube amp schematic symbols

tube amp diagram

tube amp diagram using EL84, ECC82

PWM Controller IC

PWM Controller IC Circuit and schema using MAX17000A on VDDQ, VTT, and VTTR The MAX17000A is a PWM controller IC which provides complete power solutions in notebook DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memory. This consists of step-down controller, source-sink LDO regulator, and reference buffer are required to generate VDDQ, VTT, and VTTR rail. PWM Controller IC

Battery Charger Circuit 12V to 1.2V

Battery Charger Circuit 12V to 1.2V using MAX713, MC33171, LM2904, NTE2904

PCB Repair

Circuit Board Repairing

Earthquake Detector

Earthquake Detector Biased photodiode, Earthquake Circuit Diagram, earthquake detector, frequency counter, optical receiver, Oscilloscope, plane miror, two frequency laser  

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