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Wireless power transmission project kit

wireless power tranfer system Wireless Power Transfer   Wireless Power Transfer Kit Trying electricity network without wires , finally succeeded , if developed can be useful , Because The electrical appliance in the house will not be put on the cable . Recipients use ferrite / wire coiled email . This radiation is Relatively harmless […]

GPS Circuit

gps circuit gps circuit The 10-pin cable I used is from a Nikon MC-30 remote release that I already owned. I cut the 10-pin plug off it and replaced it with a 3.5mm stereo jack plug. I then added a corresponding socket to my project to allow the use of a remote release. This means […]

Charge Coupled Mosfet Relay Circuit

Charge Coupled Mosfet Relay Circuit using 74C14, IRFZ48Z

PCB Repair

Circuit Board Repairing

RF Detector circuit using 2n5484

RF Detector circuit using 2n5484

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