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Stereo Power Amplifier

68W Power Amplifier schematic   68W Stereo Power Amplifier using TR A673, C828, C1213, D438, B560, TIP31 and TIP32

Radio transmitter receiver circuit

Radio transmitter receiver circuit using TD7626F and TD7626FN

Power Inverter circuit

25W Power Inverter

Transistor amplifier

Transistor amplifier 3000w Transistor amplifier 3000w Using TR BC546A, BC556A, BC550C, BF470, BC350C, BF469, 2SK135, 2SJ50, 1N4148

Lead Acid Battery Charger circuit for 6V – 12V

Lead Acid Battery Charger circuit for 6V – 12V using NE555, LM7812, 2SA671, 1N4002, BC549

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