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Posts tagged tone control circuit using TDA1524A

TDA1524A stereo preamplifier circuit diagram

Preamplifier Control Audio circuit With IC TDA1524A super bass tone control circuit tda1524a stereo tone control circuit diagram tda1524a pinout, tda1524a datasheet TDA1524A stereo preamplifier circuit diagram, tone control circuit using TDA1524A,

Tube Amp using EL34

Tube Amp using EL34 35W Electronic Parts R1=470K 0,5W R13-21=820K 0.5W R12-23= 180K 0.5W R2-5= 2K2 0.5W R14-22=5K6  0.5W R3=150K 0.5W R15-20= 680K 0.5W R4= 220K 0.5W R16-19=100K 0.5W R6-10= 56K 0.5W R17-18=3K3 1W R7=3.9K 0.5W R24=470R  2W R8= 220R  0.5W R9= 1M  0.5W R11= 39K 1W C2=220pF 600v C8-9=0.1uF 630V C10-14=0.47uF 630V C4-5=16uF 550V […]

tube amplifier Circuit

tube amplifier Circuit using LT1065, EL34, 1N4007, B40C3700, 1N4001

simple Tube Amplifier circuit

simple Tube Amplifier circuit using EL34

How to Build Circuit diagram using ZVP2106, 2N3906, 2N2907

How to Build Circuit diagram using ZVP2106, 2N3906, 2N2907

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