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Digitouch volume Control Schematic – TruEffect

Auto volume level circuit using TL082 Volume Control Schematic automatic volume control circuit for audio amplifier circuit using TL082


Now I shall introduce my somple diode counter. To start off with, the MC145152-2 A-counter can have a count of 512, 1024, or 2048. This means that a 12.8MHz crystal, divided by 1024, will give you a reference frequency of 12.5kHz. You could alternatively use 6.4MHz divided by 512. Not many options there! You still […]

Leds dimmer circuit and alarm circuit

Leds dimmer and alarm circuit using CD4066

13W Audio Amplifier Circuit using TA8200AH

13W Audio Amplifier Circuit using TA8200AH

Phono preamp circuit

Good Phono preamp circuit using BD437, BD438

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