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Bootstrap AUDIO circuit using transistor

Bootstrap AUDIO circuit AND LAYOUT Bootstrap driver Micro circuit using TIP3055 tip2955 TIP42 tip41 MJE340 What is bootstrapping circuit? Within an integrated circuit a bootstrap method is used to allow internal address and clock distribution lines to have an increased voltage swing. Tops bootstrap circuit uses a coupling capacitor, formed from the gate/source capacitance of […]


PCI Express Diagram PCI_Express Advance PCI technology with the introduction of the PCI Express. This video illustrates the system and graphics Video Card PCI Express X16 – 2536 results like VisionTek NVIDIA Geforce 210 512-MB DDR3 x16 PCI Express Graphic Card (900325), Radeon HD 6450 2GB In a previous query, recommendations were given suggesting Video Cards […]

60W Power amplifier

60W Power amplifier using TR FCS 9014, FCS 9015, FCS 9013, FCS 9012, 2SC 1061, 1N4002 60W Power amplifier using TR FCS 9014, FCS 9015, FCS 9013, FCS 9012, 2SC 1061, 1N4002

Radio remote control circuits

Radio remote control circuits The easy way to detect the tv remote is damaged or not Remote Control Breakers Circuit diagram remote control wireless Circuit Using 555 Remote Control Transmitter circuit TV remote control blocker Remote Control Circuit Breaker using 2SA104, 2SB187, 2SB22 IR remote control light, using relay Infrared Spectroscopy Radio Remote Control using […]

Head Phones tube circuit

Head Phones tube circuit BC1004 The BC1004 based OTL headphone amplifier circuit

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