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AutoScout Time Out with On Off Circuit

Automatic Time Out with On Off Circuit using 74HCT74, 4013

HA1388 Schematic audio amplifier 18w

HA1388 Schematic audio amplifier

NiMH Cell Battery Tester circuit

NiMH Cell Battery monitoring circuit NiMH Cell Battery Tester circuit using TLC555, 2222, ZXM61N02P

Amplifiers Audio using LA4505

Amplifiers Audio using LA4505

SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM Relay Driver Board Project

This article means to utilize your old PC to be come a simple controller. Many old PC like 8088 type, 8086, 80286, 80386, or even 80486 already become an obsolete systems. This board using 8-bits of LPT printer parallel data port (DP) to activate the relays. LPT printer parallel port also have 4-bits additional port […]

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