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Digital Tester circuit

Digital Tester circuit with LM324

How can I make an AM wireless microphone? Can you suggest a website to find such schematic diagram for that?

sliderx13 asked: Our instructor in Electronics engineering gave us a project, that is, to make a wireless microphone that will transmit in AM bandwidth. Because this is our first design project, I don’t know where to start. I even search the web for schematic diagrams for an AM wireless mike, but I couldn’t find any, […]

PCB Solder Mask

PCB Solder Mask

Portable audio amplifier schematic

Portable audio amplifier schematic using TA7270P This is simple portable audio amplifier circuit. This circuit built based on IC TA7270P which is a Bridge monolithic integrated audio amplifier

HOW to repair Horizontal Vertical TV

HOW to repair Horizontal Vertical TV ? HOW to repairHorizontal Vertical TV using D2499, BSC25 HOW to repair Horizontal Vertical TV?

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