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Bluetooth cell phone

Bluetooth cellular phone circuit GSM SMS Controller circuit using Bluetooth cellular phone and Bt serial Bluetooth cell phone serial and GSM SMS Controller circuit using PIC16LF875

Electronics Projects

Electronics Projects Electronics Circuit IC LM386 Alarm circuit Buzzer Ultrasonic Electronics Circuit Collection of LM386 Data sheet Home intercom Microphone circuit Walkie talkie Amplifier Circuit Board

Low amplifier is intended to be used in conjunction with an electric guitar

The following circuit diagram is designed to be used as an amplifier (including the loudspeaker, battery, input and output jack) that is placed into a pack of cigarettes or Fuzz-box. This small,  especially for training, either through a small loudspeaker or headphones are included. According to the designer amplifier can be used in three different […]

Infrared Motion Detector schema diagram

Infrared Motion Detector electronic circuit schematic diagram Using TR 2N2222, SY32PT    

STK4141 Class D Modules

STK4141 Class D Modules STK4141 Class D Modules circuit diagram STK4141 Class D Modules STK4141 Class D Modules

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