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Sweeping Tone Alarm Beeper

Sweeping Tone Alarm Beeper using 4069, TIP29C, NECD882

12 volt Battery Charger Circuit using LM301A and LM350

Battery Charger Circuit using LM301A, LM350

Tv transmitter circuit using lm1889n

Tv transmitter circuit using lm1889n Cl1 – LM1889n Q1, Q2, Q4 – BC547 Q3 – BD135 D1 – BB809 R1, R15 – 82 Ohm R2 – 120 K Ohm R3 – 27K Ohm R4 – 1,2 K Ohm R5, R13, R14 – 270 R6 – 470 Ohms R7 – 56k Ohms R8 – 68k Ohms […]

3000 watt circuit

3000 watt power amp circuit using BC546A, BC556A, BC550C, BF470, BC350C,BF469,2SK135, 2SJ50, 1N4148

How do you design a PCB?

nanon asked: I want to design my own PCB. My objective is to power 3 motors from my computer using DB25 pin connector, and a power supply. MY only problem is I have no idea how to design one. I do not know any of the components either. does anyone have an idea of how […]

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