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Digital Control

Digital Control Circuit for Switching using 4001B, 4N35 The continuous controller enclosed in the dashed square can be replaced by a digital controller shown below that performs same control task as the continuous controller. The basic difference between these controllers is that the digital system operates on discrete signals or samples of the sensed signal […]

MAX2235 +3.6V, 1W Auto Power Amplifier for 900MHz Applications

MAX2235 +3.6V, 1W Autoramping Power Amplifier for 900MHz Applications MAX2235 silicon RF power amplifier (PA) is designed for use in the 900MHz frequency band. It operates directly from a single +2.7V to +5.5V supply, making it suitable for use with 3-cell NiCd or 1-cell Li-Ion batteries. The device delivers +30dBm (1W) typical output power from […]

Pad2Pad Free PCB Layout CAD 1.7.14 design software

Pad2Pad Free PCB Routing CAD with Ordering. is the remarkable new way to get the custom printed circuit boards you need quickly. :Pad2Pad Free PCB Layout CAD 1.7.14 design software

Radio transmitter receiver circuit

Radio transmitter receiver circuit using TD7626F and TD7626FN

Earphone portable Circuit

Earphone portable Circuit using 1 transistor HEP 230 Portable 3v Headphone Amplifier

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