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Power Supplies Switching

Switching power supply circuit Power Supplies Switching using LM5020

Driver LED circuit for Counter

Driver LED circuit for Counter using 555, 4046B, 4017B, 1N4004, BD649, 7805


The program only needs a simple “infinite gain” circuit to square off the input tones so that they can be read by the serial port. This is achieved using a 741 operational amplifier. The basic circuit of the unit is given below. The RS232 pins are given for a 9-pin serial port. A 25-pin port […]

Car Audio Sound

Car Audio Sound Schematic Audio Car Toyota Yaris car audio sound Car Audio Sound Car audio technician, car audio design, car audio denver, car audio installer, audio for car,car stereo audio, stereo car audio, sound car audio, car audio sound, car systems audio, audio systems car, car audio wiring, auto car audio, car audio wiring […]

Audio Amplifier Circuit Using TA7283AP

Audio Amplifier Circuit Using TA7283AP

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