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Simple Mixer circuit

Simple Mixer circuit for mic preamp using TL072 This simple circuit mixes two or more channels into one channel or stereo The circuit can mix as many or as few channels as you like ?

Best Audio Op-Amps Circuit

Best Audio Op-Amps Circuit using LF353 or TL072

Making Electronic Circuits Alarm for anti-fire

Making Electronic Circuits Alarm for anti-fire This circuit warns the user against fire accidents. It relies on the smoke that is produced in the event of a fire. When this smoke passes between a bulb and an LDR, the amount of light falling on the LDR decreases. This causes the resistance of LDR to increase […]

Audio Selector Circuit

Audio Selector Circuit

Practical Application – Intercom Circuit

The simple switch shown so far can be used in simple audio applications. Here is a simple “all-master” intercom circuit that steers an audio amplifier towards one of several distant receivers. All units shown are identical and are connected to the same multipair cable. One battery powers all units. You press the button corresponding to […]

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