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Posts tagged Simple Low-Noise Audio-Distribution Amplifier

4 channel audio splitter / Audio Distribution Amplifier 4558

The three channel output distribution amplifier uses 4558. The first stage is resistor coupled with a 33k.… Each output stage independently drives an amplifier through the 50 µF output capacitor to the 4k7 kΩ load resistor. Audio Distribution Amplifier using 4558 4 channel audio splitter layout/ Audio Distribution Amplifier 4558

boss audio amplifier

900W boss audio amplifier circuit using TIP3055, BD140, BD139, BC546, BC556

Police siren circuit

Police siren circuit using BC547, 555 Police siren circuit using BC547, 555 IC1 555 RV1 1MΩ Q1  BC547 Q2  BC547 R2  1K Ω R3  1K Ω R5  330 Ω R6  680 Ω R7  680 Ω RV2 50K Ω RV3 50K Ω C1  33 µF C2  10 µF C3  1 µF C3  1 µF C4  1 […]

TDA7088T FM receiver circuit

TDA7088T FM receiver circuit for battery supply Equipped with all stages of a mono receiver from antenna to audio output, Mute circuit, Search tuning with a single varicap diode. Mechanical tuning with integrating AFC, AM application supported,  Power supply polarity protection,  Power supply voltage down to 1.8 V.  Mechanical tuning, this is possible with or […]

Circuit diagram LM1881 video sync for tv and lcd monitor separator, a 74HC4066 as a simple analog switch

The chips include an ATmega88 as the main controller, an AD9280 ADC, an LM6134 high-speed quad op-amp, an LM1881 video sync separator, a 74HC4066 as a simple analog switch, and an RS-232-level converter. LM1881 Video sync separator extracts timing information including composite and vertical sync, burst/back porch timing, and odd/even field information from standard negative […]

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