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Schematic Diagram hp – MAX2338 Mixer IF SAW Filter Match at 183.6MHz for CDMA

The design and simulation of the impedance match between the MAX2338 mixer stage and a 183.6MHz SAW filter in a CDMA application. The SAW filter S-parameter is used to simulate the interface with the mixer. A worked example is provided with a SAWTEK 855893 SAW filter. An optimum impedance matching circuit between the MAX2338 mixer […]

PCB Layout and Design – CADint PCB

PCB Layout and Design – CADint PCB

Electronic Schematic collections

Electronic Schematic collections Digital TV Sound Processor using TDA9875A Digital TV Sound Processor using TDA9875A Electronic Schematic collections General Description The TDA9875A is a single-chip Digital TV sound Processor (DTVSSP) for analog and digital multi-channel sound systems in TV sets and satellite receivers.

Transistor Tester for repair

Circuit diagram for SCR and Transistor Tester Transistor and Circuit Tester pro- vides accurate measurement of basic transistor and diode characteristics required for quality testing

Electric Circuit Diagram Maker

Electric Circuit Diagram Maker switches radio and timer Electric Circuit Diagram Maker

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