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Circuit diagram 75 Meter QRP SSB Transceiver

The 75 Meter QRP SSB Transceiver Theory of Operation 6-30-03 In general, the transceiver switches the 4-element 1500 ohm xtal BPF ends between the inputs and outputs of the two SA602s to reverse the signal flow for R/T operation. Since no IF amplifier is used in the design, 20 dB of additional receiver gain is […]

Create an audio mixer Guitar – BC 26s Splitter Mixer

BC 26s Splitter Mixer. BC 26s Splitter Mixer. It is small , extremely versatile, and affordable. This small , very versatile, and affordable. It is a 6 in / 2 out mixer, a 2 in / 6 out splitter / distribution amplifier, and a 6 in / 6 out buffer amplifiers. This is a 6 […]

lm555 lm555c timer

lm555 lm555c timer Circuits

ESR meter circuit

ESR meter circuit using 78L05, Z86E0412, 4094, BC328, BC558, BC338, BC548, 1N4148, 1N4002

Wireless Receiver Application Circuit with the GL116 decoder – Electronics Schematic Diagram

Wireless Receiver Application Circuit with the GL116 decoder The packets of serial output that are generated by the transmitter encoder and sent to the receiver decoder by wireless, infra red or other means are fed into serial input pin 40 of the decoder. A packet is stored and the address bytes within it are compared […]

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