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Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensor electronic circuit The USB Humidity measures the relative humidity and air temperature though a hole in the middle of the housing. The device contains a calibrated precision sensor with a measurement accuracy of ±2 % relative humidity and ±0.4°C in most part of measurement range.The size of the device is about […]

Schematic Diagram hp – MAX2338 Mixer IF SAW Filter Match at 183.6MHz for CDMA

The design and simulation of the impedance match between the MAX2338 mixer stage and a 183.6MHz SAW filter in a CDMA application. The SAW filter S-parameter is used to simulate the interface with the mixer. A worked example is provided with a SAWTEK 855893 SAW filter. An optimum impedance matching circuit between the MAX2338 mixer […]

Radio Circuit

Making Radio Circuit Here there are a variety of radio series that you can compare, where appropriate and the most perfect.  In a radio receiver must know about the advantages and disadvantages of the radio series and types of components used. R1     100KO R2     2.2KO VR1     50KO D1    LED C1    […]

PreAmplifier circuit diagram using BC546, BC556

PreAmplifier circuit diagram using BC546, BC556 Preamplifier parts: P1 10K Linear Potentiometer P2 10K Log. Potentiometer R1,R2 68K 1/4W R3 680K 1/4W R4 220K 1/4W R5 33K 1/4W R6 2K2 1/4W R7 5K6 1/4W R8,R18 330R 1/4W R9 47K 1/4W R10 18K 1/4W R11 4K7 1/4W R12 1K 1/4W R13 1K5 1/4W R14,R15,R16 100K 1/4W […]

Noise sensor circuit for light switch

Noise sensor circuit for light switch using HEP801, HEP50 Parts : R1 1.5 MΩ      C1 100 µF       D1 1N4007 R3 3.9 kΩ        C2 1 µF           Q1 HEP801 R4 150 kΩ       C3 10 µF         Q2 HEP50 R5 18 kΩ         C4 10 µF R6 560 Ω         C5 1 µF […]

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