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Posts tagged RF transmitting transistor and power amplifier fundamentals

RF Amplifier

RF amplifier circuit design RF Amplifier with MOSFET K2668, 2570, 2053 circuit diagram

consumer goods why arnt they repairable?

steve50 asked: many years ago as a tv man i could repair many tv’s in customers houses there were known brands and real wood cabinets some even came with circuit diagrams in the box. now they are all made in foreign lands no circuits and if a main part has gone its scrap time even […]

Active Filter circuit

Active Filter circuit using LM741

Charge Coupled Mosfet Relay Circuit

Charge Coupled Mosfet Relay Circuit using 74C14, IRFZ48Z

BTL Audio Circuit using IC LA4598

BTL Audio Circuit using IC LA4598 THE LA4598 is a TWO-channel power ic that is intended for use in portable audio equipment.  Needing no heat sink during 9v operation facilitates set design with a small footprint.

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