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Preamps Microphone Mixer circuit

Preamps Microphone Mixer circuit Choosing a good power amplifier is very easy but to choose the perfect microphone preamps is not easy, because the adjustment of sound pressure level (SPL) with volt level (dBu). Matching microphones and preamplifiers requires proper research and measurement, so to do this does not depend on your budget – but […]

Switching Power

Switching Power circuit diagram for tv

Driver LED circuit diagram

Driver LED circuit diagram using TL074, 1N4148

micro transmitter fm

micro transmissor fm circuit using bf49402 Simple 30 meters range FM transmitter using bf49402 BAT      3 – 6 volts C1     47nF C2     4,7pF C3     100nF CV1     3pF – 30pF T1     bf494 R1     2k7 R2     8k2 R3     5k6 R4     47

12W Audio Amplifier Circuit using TDA1515B

12W Audio Amplifier Circuit using TDA1515B

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