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1tr preamp mic schematic

1tr preamp mic schematic using c828 R1 …… 10K R2 …… 220K R3 …… 5K6 R4 …… 560K VR …… 10K C1 …… 100nF C2 …… 47uF Q ……. C828

Transformerless Power Supply circuit diagram

Transformerless Power Supply circuit diagram 240VAC to 5V DC Power Supply using 7805 18V 1A Power Supply using LM350T, LM7818 2 Way To Build A Negative Bias Supply +5v Power Supply using 7805, LP3872ES Variable Dual Lab Power Supply 2 This low noise audio power supply circuit can reduces noise and ripple voltage by 40dB […]


PCI Express Diagram PCI_Express Advance PCI technology with the introduction of the PCI Express. This video illustrates the system and graphics Video Card PCI Express X16 – 2536 results like VisionTek NVIDIA Geforce 210 512-MB DDR3 x16 PCI Express Graphic Card (900325), Radeon HD 6450 2GB In a previous query, recommendations were given suggesting Video Cards […]

Vocal ELiminator circuit

Vocal ELiminator circuit using TL084 This neat little circuit will remove the vocals

Portable audio amplifier schematic

Portable audio amplifier schematic using TA7270P This is simple portable audio amplifier circuit. This circuit built based on IC TA7270P which is a Bridge monolithic integrated audio amplifier

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