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TV Circuit

TV Circuit with audio wireless FM This simple circuit using BF494 . Where audio receiver? he he ……………………..                 yes fm radio on your cell phone. Then wear head phones while seeing adult film let steady. Part: R1 100 kΩ       C1 4,7 nF        Q1 BF494 R2 33 kΩ         C2 Trimmer R3 22 kΩ         C3 47 […]


NOISE REDUCTION PROCESSOR DOLBY NOISE REDUCTION PROCESSOR circuit using KA22712 DOLBY B-TYPE NOISE REDUCTION PROCESSOR The KA22712 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for in Dolby* B-type noise reduction systems. FEATURES Few external components. Low quiescent circuit current (Typ Iccq=4.5mA) High crosstalk rejection ratio. Built in NR-switch, REC/PB-switch. Recommended supply voltage: Vcc=6.5V~16V. DOLBY  NOISE REDUCTION […]

Switching Regulator and linear Regulator circuit for all electronic resources

Switching regulator and linear regulator circuit for all electronic resources Switching regulators is an inductor stores energy, Energy Switching regulators can be expressed in Joules as a function of current. A switching regulator inductors have no voltage drop and current flow-related but 90 degrees out of phase with the voltage. Because of this, energy can […]

Piezoelectric Triggered Switch circuit

Piezoelectric Triggered Switch circuit using BSS84ZX, ZVN2106

Fm Radio Receiver circuit

Fm Radio Receiver circuit using using TDA7088BT, TDA7040T, TDA7050T, BB909B

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