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PCB Design Software automatically check for errors

PCB Design Software automatically check for errors

STK439 Circuit

Audio Amplifier Circuit Using STK439

How the principle of data and program memory ic robot ?

This chapter is partly tutorial and partly technical, and additional references to document the background of digital electronics. The information presented here should be considered optional, because it does not really need to know to build a robot. Hopefully though, this chapter will satisfy most readers’ curiosity about how the hardware works Lego Robot. The […]

How can I make an AM wireless microphone? Can you suggest a website to find such schematic diagram for that?

sliderx13 asked: Our instructor in Electronics engineering gave us a project, that is, to make a wireless microphone that will transmit in AM bandwidth. Because this is our first design project, I don’t know where to start. I even search the web for schematic diagrams for an AM wireless mike, but I couldn’t find any, […]

Cell Phone / mobile phones Detector circuit using CA3130, NE555, BC548

Cell Phone Detector circuit using CA3130, NE555, BC548 This detector functions let you know that nearby there are phones that activated from a distance of five feet. So that can be used to prevent the use of mobile phones in the exam room, secret room, a place of worship, etc. It is also useful to […]

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