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Electronic Circuit Diagram TV AUDIO Using TDA2003

10W Audio Amplifiers Schematic Diagram Amplifier device that accepts a varying … Electronic amplifiers are used in radio and television

Electric Heating

Electric Heating circuit Electric Heating and Solar Water Heating System Controller Circuit

Guitar Amplifiers

100W Guitar Amplifiers using BD139, MJ11016, MJ11015 100W Guitar Amplifiers circuit using BD139, MJ11016, MJ11015 R1     6K8    1W Resistor R2,R4  470R   1/4W Resistors R3     2K   1/2W Trimmer Cermet R5,R6  4K7  1/2W Resistors R7     220R   1/2W Resistor R8     2K2  1/2W Resistor R9     50K   1/2W Trimmer Cermet R10    68K   1/4W Resistor R11,R12R47   4W Wirewound Resistors C1,C2,C4,C5 47µF   […]

3 way active crossover , 4 Way Crossover Schema

3 way active crossover , 4 Way Crossover Schema 4 way active crossover, Audio Trebel, Audio Midel, Audio Sub wofer, Audio Midel Bas    

Nikon gps circuit

Nikon gps circuit Nikon gps circuit There are also versions elsewhere on the internet that utilise bluetooth serial modules to allow the GPS to remain in a backpack completely out of the way – either more expense or more complicated DIY though I’d have thought. Looking at the wealth of similar projects on the net […]

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