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Hi-fi bass treble circuit

Hi-fi bass treble circuit diagram using IC NE5532 /, LA6462 /, JRC4558 This Hi-fi bass trebele circuit diagram using IC NE5532 /, LA6462 /, JRC4558, can be operated with wide range supply voltage, 12V – 24V DC  + GRN –. Three potensiometers used for sound adjustment: volume level, bass and treble level. Use good components […]

Where can I get a TV circuit diagram to repair my own TV? Can’t seem to find it on the find on the web?

SukhdevS asked: The model is Sony Trinitron KVJ14P1S (14 inch). I stay in KL, Malaysia.

Schematic Diagram hp – MAX2338 Mixer IF SAW Filter Match at 183.6MHz for CDMA

The design and simulation of the impedance match between the MAX2338 mixer stage and a 183.6MHz SAW filter in a CDMA application. The SAW filter S-parameter is used to simulate the interface with the mixer. A worked example is provided with a SAWTEK 855893 SAW filter. An optimum impedance matching circuit between the MAX2338 mixer […]

Power Supply Control circuit

Power Supply Control circuit Power Supply Control using LM7812, LM7912

Making Frequency Modulation circuit

In this case the frequency of the oscillator is determined by the values of the capacitor and inductor: C and L. Notice that I have now added a diode and another capacitor 10C (10 times bigger than C). The oscillations across the ends of L are a sinewave, varying above and below the Gnd (battery […]

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