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Posts tagged MOSFET Bootstrapping

Bootstrap AUDIO circuit using transistor

Bootstrap AUDIO circuit AND LAYOUT Bootstrap driver Micro circuit using TIP3055 tip2955 TIP42 tip41 MJE340 What is bootstrapping circuit? Within an integrated circuit a bootstrap method is used to allow internal address and clock distribution lines to have an increased voltage swing. Tops bootstrap circuit uses a coupling capacitor, formed from the gate/source capacitance of […]

25W FM DSP transmitter

Booster 25W FM DSP transmitter using 2SC1971

PCB Design Software automatically check for errors

PCB Design Software automatically check for errors

wireless Circuit Using 555

wireless Circuit Using 555 Transmitter’s range is 100 m in the distance using the 9V power supply and matching the antenna. Circuit diagram is built by IC timer 555 R1 : 1K C1 : 0,1 C2 : 10

Shunt Reg circuit diagram

Shunt Reg circuit diagram using BC549C, 2SJ200-201

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