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Tube Audio Amplifier Circuit

Tube Audio Amplifier Circuit using EL34, 6SN7, 12AX7

Electronic Switching Circuit

Electronic Switching Circuit using SL100, BC108

DC Power Supply Schematic

AC Adaptor / power supply AC Adaptor / power supply using STRS6707, TLP621, TLP721, 2SC3852

Circuit diagram Laptop LCD Display to VGA Interface Project

How do I connect my VGA card to a LCD display taken from an old laptop ? Many people have recently started to ask how to connect an LCD screen taken from an old laptop computer. This is a very common question in many discussion forums. The common answer is NO. The LCD is generally […]

High Power Amplifier circuit for YOU

High Power Amplifier circuit for YOU High Power Amplifier circuit using TIP3055, BD140, BD139, BC546 350 Watt High Power Amplifier for multiple Custom Home Audio Distribution and Home Theater Applications. A power amplifier can exert control over the loudspeaker and reduce ringing. Damping is the ability of a power amplifier circuit to control loudspeaker

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