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Making best mic preamp

Making best mic preamp 3 TR using C644, C828 Making Preamp Mic 3 TR using C644, C828

Preamps Microphone Mixer circuit

Preamps Microphone Mixer circuit Choosing a good power amplifier is very easy but to choose the perfect microphone preamps is not easy, because the adjustment of sound pressure level (SPL) with volt level (dBu). Matching microphones and preamplifiers requires proper research and measurement, so to do this does not depend on your budget – but […]

Simple Amplifier circuit using LM

Simple Amplifier circuit using LM1875 Stereo Audio Amplifier electronic circuits

Schematic Delay

Electronic Schematic Base band Delay Line using TDA4661 Baseband Delay Line using TDA4661 Electronic Schematic Base band Delay Line using TDA4661 General Description The TDA4661 is an integrated baseband delay line circuit with one line delay. It is suitable for decoders with colour-difference signal outputs (R-Y) and (B-Y) Features Two comb filters, using the switched-capacitor […]

HA1398 Schematic audio amplifier

HA1398 Schematic audio amplifier

Electronics Circuit Programmable LED light

Electronics Circuit Programmable LED light circuit diagram flashing LED that, after a preset number of flashes will illuminate steadily until P1 Reset Parts: R1______________10K 1/4W R2_______________1M 1/4W R3_______________1K 1/4W C1_______________4µ7 25V C2______________10nF 63V D1___________1N4148 75V 150mA D2______________LED IC1____________4060 B1______________3V to 15V Battery

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