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Filter for Headphone AMP schema

3KHz Low Pass Filter for Headphone AMP schema using LM368, MF6-50 Headphone Amplifier Schematic I built a portable headphone amplifier for testing purposes. Each channel uses a single Burr-Brown LM368, MF6-50 opamp in inverting configuration. It has adequate current capability to drive most headphones without an output stage. I have used it with Sennheiser 465s […]

HA1398 Schematic audio amplifier

HA1398 Schematic audio amplifier

Led Emergency Light Circuit Diagram Without Transformer

Led Emergency Light 6v 1Ah – Circuit Diagram – 220v to 6v Without Transformer I got 6v 1Ah rechargeable batter and 220v to 6v step down without transformer.

9 volt circuit

9 volt circuit 9volt Voltage Regulator circuit using C1016

Best portable headphone amp circuit

Best portable headphone amp circuit using LM833 or NE5532 High impedance headphones using : P1          22K R1         560R R2,R3 10K R4        12K R5,R6 2R2 R7        22R C1                   1µF 63V C2,C3,C4     100µF 25V C5                  22pF 63V C6                  22µF 25V IC1                LM833 or NE5532 Q1,Q3           BC337 Q2,Q4           BC327 Power supply parts: R8                                  2K2 C7,C8                            2200µF 25V D1                                   […]

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