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4 channel audio splitter / Audio Distribution Amplifier 4558

The three channel output distribution amplifier uses 4558. The first stage is resistor coupled with a 33k.… Each output stage independently drives an amplifier through the 50 µF output capacitor to the 4k7 kΩ load resistor. Audio Distribution Amplifier using 4558 4 channel audio splitter layout/ Audio Distribution Amplifier 4558

1W Audio Amplifier Circuit using LA4145

1W Audio Amplifier Circuit using LA4145

Simple POWER Amplifier circuit

Simple POWER Amplifier circuit using IRFP150N, BC550C Simple POWER Amplifier for audio car

Remote led light circuit Diagram

Remote led light circuit Diagram using PS2502

Color LCD display Nokia 6610

LCD module Nokia 6610 Using MC34063, BC846 Before repairing Nokia 6610 , should see the set of the Nokia 6610 lcd module

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