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Posts tagged LM3886

600W amplifying circuit

600W amplifying circuit using LM3886, ZTX450

Nikon gps circuit

Nikon gps circuit Nikon gps circuit There are also versions elsewhere on the internet that utilise bluetooth serial modules to allow the GPS to remain in a backpack completely out of the way – either more expense or more complicated DIY though I’d have thought. Looking at the wealth of similar projects on the net […]

Amplifier Ocl circuit 80W hi-fi

Amplifier Ocl circuit 80W hi-fi using IC TDA2020

TV Circuit board diagram?

sanje1974 asked: How can i locate LG-21FA20 tv curcit board diagram

Telephone Systems

Audio speakers circuit board from Telephones using IC BA8024, ML8204 Audio speakers systems Circuit board for Telephone Systems

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