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Nissan Ignition Coil Driver schema

Electronic Ignition Coil Driver Circuit using NE555 – 2N3055 Electronic Ignition Coil Driver circuit kits Nissan Ignition Coil Driver schema using NE555 – 2N3055


Dimmer using 40502 TRIAC Dimmer using 40502 TRIAC Parts R1 50K Pot R2 15K 1/2W Resistor C1, C2 0.068 250V Capacitor L1 Lamp To Be Controlled (up to 350 watts) L2 Neon Lamp TR1 40502 TRIAC MISC Case, Knob, Heatsink For TR1, Wire, Socket For L1 Notes 1. This circuit is for 117VAC only. 220 […]

i want the aural modulator circuits available all over the world?

bhavin.kotak asked: aural modulator is used in tv transmitter section…i want its circuit diagram or block diagram or pin diagram….present and used all over the world… i m living in india….but i want the ckt diagram of aural modulator used all over the world in the tv transmitter section… i want all the data available […]

Power supply circuit diagram part : 2

Power supply circuit diagram using LM3886, MUR860 2W

Reader circuit

Simple Magnetic stripe reader circuit using CVBC337, BD139 Simple Magnetic stripe reader circuit using CVBC337, BD139 R1 68K 1/4W Resistor C1 4n7 630V Ceramic or Polyester Capacitor C2 60-80pF 63V Ceramic Trimmer C3 100F 25V Electrolytic Capacitor Q1 BC337 45V 800mA NPN Transistor Q2 BD139 80V 1.5A NPN Transistor L1 500 turns on a 10mm. […]

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