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Stereo Power Amplifier

68W Power Amplifier schematic   68W Stereo Power Amplifier using TR A673, C828, C1213, D438, B560, TIP31 and TIP32

Audio circuit

Audio circuit using TIP142 and 147 Audio circuit using TIP142 and 147

Block diagram of a basic synthesiser

Here is the block diagram of a basic synthesiser. The “R-counter” generates the reference frequency. In the MC145152-2 you have about 3 different options. In mine you will have over 2000 different options. The reference frequency can be interpreted as the channel-spacing of the final synthesiser. The “N-counter” divides the output of the external voltage-controlled […]

TV Circuit

TV Circuit with audio wireless FM This simple circuit using BF494 . Where audio receiver? he he ……………………..                 yes fm radio on your cell phone. Then wear head phones while seeing adult film let steady. Part: R1 100 kΩ       C1 4,7 nF        Q1 BF494 R2 33 kΩ         C2 Trimmer R3 22 kΩ         C3 47 […]

15W Audio Amplifier Circuit

15W Audio Amplifier Circuit using TDA1553Q

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