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Automotive Wiring Tips – Auto Scout

Automotive Wiring Tips – Using Relays

RF circuit using 2SA1037K , UN 2112

RF circuit Design information RF circuit using 2SA1037K , UN 2112

Determining the optimum PCB layout

One of the keys in determining the optimum printed circuit board layout is to understand how and where the signal return currents actually flow,  Most designers only think about where the signal current flows  and ignore the path taken by the return current. we must understand how the high frequency current flows in a conductor. […]

6v – 12v simple inverter circuit diagram

6v – 12v simple inverter circuit diagram using NE555 and TIP41, 42, 2N3904

Lights & LED Circuits & Schematics LDR

An ordinary automatic room power control circuit has only one light sensor. The circuit uses two LDRs which are placed one after another (separated by a distance of say half a metre) so that they may separately sense a person going into the room or coming out of the room. Outputs of the two LDR […]

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