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Electronics Schematic Diagram – MAX2659 GPS/GNSS Low-Noise Amplifier

MAX2659 low-noise amplifier (LNA) is designed for GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS applications. Designed in Maxim’s advanced SiGe process, the device achieves a 20.5dB gain and an ultra-low-noise figure of 0.8dB while maximizing the input-referred 1dB compression point and the 3rd-order intercept point at -12dBm and -5dBm, respectively. The MAX2659 operates from a +1.6V to +3.3V […]

Power Delay On-Off with LDR

Power Delay On-Off with LDR using 1N4004, BC548, Relay, LDR

Circuits OP Amp

Circuits OP Amp Op amp Interface using RC4558P Op amp Interface using RC4558P Dual High-Gain Operational Amplifier using RC4558P Features Supply voltage 22V for RM4558 and 18V for RC/RV4558 No latch-up Large common-mode and differential voltage ranges Low power. Parameter tracking over temperature range Gain and phase match between amplifiers The RC4558 integrated circuit is […]

How to interface a LCD with keyboard using 8051 Microcontroller.I need whole code along with complete circuit?

kapu asked: need code in assembly language. Complete circuit diagram.

PreAmplifier circuit diagram using BC546, BC556

PreAmplifier circuit diagram using BC546, BC556 Preamplifier parts: P1 10K Linear Potentiometer P2 10K Log. Potentiometer R1,R2 68K 1/4W R3 680K 1/4W R4 220K 1/4W R5 33K 1/4W R6 2K2 1/4W R7 5K6 1/4W R8,R18 330R 1/4W R9 47K 1/4W R10 18K 1/4W R11 4K7 1/4W R12 1K 1/4W R13 1K5 1/4W R14,R15,R16 100K 1/4W […]

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