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Electronic circuit diagram Switching Power Supply

Electronic circuit diagram Switching Power Supply

I have a LCD32HDMI TV of whrfedala, not working?

Mahendra R asked: I Have a LCD32HDMI, it’s power supply is working fine but when i connect with main board 12v goes down to 1.2 v or low. what is the problem in main board.or you have the circuit diagram of this board 17MB15E-3 board

How to draw a circuit diagram involving voltmeter and ammeter?

Meep asked: The circuit has one parallel (two resistors) and two other resistors in a series. If we found the current in every resistor, do you show that on the circuit diagram? so basically my question is.. do you only put the A in one part of the diagram? or with each resistor? i’m just […]

wireless Circuit Using 555

wireless Circuit Using 555 Transmitter’s range is 100 m in the distance using the 9V power supply and matching the antenna. Circuit diagram is built by IC timer 555 R1 : 1K C1 : 0,1 C2 : 10

Circuit schema diagram big power amp

To achieve this, they’re designed with big power output, and equipped with … *Total price for the Circuit schema diagram big power amp Dual Channel are estimated

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