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Mini Electric Massager circuit diagram

Mini Electric Massager circuit diagram

I am planing to start a small Electronics Design Company,How can I get customer?

Electronics friend asked: I am try to enter in Business field,Even-though i am ready to give them the product much cheaper and better than others, customers are no ready buy, What is reason for this,How can I get customers easily

7812 voltage regulator circuit

7812 voltage regulator circuit using 7815, 7812, 21DQ60

What softwares can be used to design PCB’s ?

asicsrocks2120 asked: What softwares can be used to design PCB’S ? I have used Pspice in the past in college and I thought they could be used to design Printed Circuit Boards . Is that true ? I see that Autocad is mostly for Mechanical designs . If so are there a lot of softwares […]

Good Site to find Circuit Board Schematics or Pin-Out diagrams for IC chips?

Seraph asked: Is there a place on line where you can go to find circuit board schematics for things, like a database or something. There have been many times when I take apart something, like a TV for example, and cant find where the power inputs go to replace a pulled out wire. I know […]

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