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tube Amplifier circuit

tube Amplifier circuit using 12AT7, EL84

How The History of Logic PLC ?

When production requirements changed so did the control system. This becomes very expensive when the change is frequent. Since relays are mechanical devices they also have a limited lifetime which required strict adhesion to maintenance schedules. Troubleshooting was also quite tedious when so many relays are involved. Now picture a machine control panel that included […]

overvoltage protection diode

overvoltage protection diode circuit using MAX8596z

The circuit Tv transmitter very simple

The circuit is very simple, it just has three transistors, but the transistor types have been changed for VHF/UHF transistors. You can use 2N2369, BSX19 or BSX20, or any small signal transistor with an “ft” of typically 400MHz or more. The transistor DC biasing is a little more tolerant to varying transistor types than the […]

Make Electronics Schematic Diagram 3 lines mixer

Make Electronics Schematic Diagram 3 lines mixer you can modify this circuit become more than 3 lines mixer. Just add and repeat the input parts (P=10K R=22K).

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