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Automotive Wiring Diagram Instructions

Automotive Wiring Diagram Instructions

audio distribution amplifier

audio distribution amplifier using UM66, BC547, AC187, 1N4148

TDA7294 power audio circuit diagram

TDA7294 power audio circuit diagram

Low amplifier is intended to be used in conjunction with an electric guitar

The following circuit diagram is designed to be used as an amplifier (including the loudspeaker, battery, input and output jack) that is placed into a pack of cigarettes or Fuzz-box. This small,  especially for training, either through a small loudspeaker or headphones are included. According to the designer amplifier can be used in three different […]

2w Audio power amplifier schematics

2w Audio power amplifier schematics using AN7120 AN7120 2w audio power amplifier schematics specs features and application. Audio amplifier ICs for portable radio and TV, new circuit audio power amplifier

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