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BTL STEREO TO MONO circuit, DRIVER bridge a stereo power amp to mono USING C828 the BTL power amplifier system is: “Two power amplifier units connected by bridge joints can form a larger power amplifier. The amplifier system is in English called Budge Transformer Less BTL. This amplifier system can amplify the amplifier noise by […]

Whether the purpose of transmitting TV Make?

Whether the purpose of transmitting TV Make? Different course different, the most important is to effectively cables, usually emitted in the room to receive room without cables. Afiata.com trying to invite you to learn with a TV transmitter uses FM modulation to 1 standard for voice and PAL video modulation. Audio signal to be modulated […]

wiring diagram Balmar 6 series alternator

wiring diagram Balmar 6 series alternator

Audio Recorder Circuit

Audio Recorder Circuit using LM324, PIC16F84A, ULN2803A, 1N4148, 2N3904

CDI Ignition

CDI Ignition Car Circuit Capacitor discharge ignition Ignition timing cdi ignition circuit diagram CDI Ignition Car CDI ignitions capacitive discharge ignition induction ignition kettering design votage rise time ignition dwell ignition centrifugal advance ignition vacuum advance ignition detonation preignition hall effect ignition

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