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Portable jammer

Portable jammer Portable jammer and signal removal for cell phone, WiFi, and GPS signals Portable jammer, signal removal Portable Signal Jammer circuit 20M Radius. High Power Signal Jammer Portable powerful and portable solution to completely block a nearby cell phone,  WiFi, and GPS signals. Can be used around the world. Strong and effective, this portable […]

Touch Switch Circuit

Touch Switch with Active Remote Circuit using PN2907, 2N2222, 74C14

Audio Car stereo

Audio Car stereo Schematic Audio Car stereo Suzuki Swift Audio Car stereo Datasheet, schematic, electronic components,  service manual, repairs, monitor, Car audio systems and stereo equipment, amplifiers,  speakers,  subwoofers Audio Car stereo

Circuit of 2m Linear Amplifier 144MHz 45W

Circuit of 2m Linear Amplifier 144MHz 45W using SC-1022

PreAmplifier circuit diagram using BC546, BC556

PreAmplifier circuit diagram using BC546, BC556 Preamplifier parts: P1 10K Linear Potentiometer P2 10K Log. Potentiometer R1,R2 68K 1/4W R3 680K 1/4W R4 220K 1/4W R5 33K 1/4W R6 2K2 1/4W R7 5K6 1/4W R8,R18 330R 1/4W R9 47K 1/4W R10 18K 1/4W R11 4K7 1/4W R12 1K 1/4W R13 1K5 1/4W R14,R15,R16 100K 1/4W […]

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