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Posts tagged CD4584

Audio test oscillator circuit

Audio test oscillator circuit using CD4584, 74c14

Relay Driver circuit using Light Dependent Resistor

Relay Driver circuit using NE5534, LDR – Light Dependent Resistor

led driver circuit diagram

High Power LED Driver Circuit Diagram how to use led driver ? led driver schematic – efficient led driver circuit

How make a thermostat in the room – Thermistor

let us make a thermostat in the room, this circuit energizes the relay when the temperature rises above a specified level. The second series of energy in the relay when the temperature falls below a preset level. Both series are virtually identical. The only difference between them is the polarity of the transistor. Thermistor value […]


A PLC works by continually scanning a program. We can think of this scan cycle as consisting of 3 important steps. There are typically more than 3 but we can focus on the important parts and not worry about the others. Typically the others are checking the system and updating the current internal counter and […]

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